Guide to Securing Cafeteria License in Dubai

During the very first 3 weeks of 2019 alone, almost 500 retailers (operational eateries and cafes) have been started in the emirate.

It is not surprising that cafe culture is prospering in the UAE. Firstly, espresso lifestyle is a savoring tradition within the UAE. It’s a sign of hospitality at palaces, houses, community gatherings and celebrations. Second, you will find constant government expenditures on domestic development and construction projects so because of entry of completely new hotels, going shopping malls, other infrastructure and theme parks projects, entrepreneurs are installing coffee shops there.

Additionally, upcoming Expo 2020 and also the financial diversification plans are in general benefitting beverage and food market in the UAE.

Our next guide describes the eight measures on how you can secure cafeteria license found Dubai.

Step one: Secure Trade and Food License The first step in launching your cafe company in Dubai is securing foods and change licenses. You are able to obtain food license through Safety and Food department while industry license is acquired from Department and DED of Tourism as well as commerce Marketing.

In case you intend to provide something extra in the menu of yours there’s a selection of exclusive licenses you are able to use for in Dubai like a distribution permit, pork permit, liquor permit, Ramadan permit and other things.

Food consignment release license

Exposure will be the key element. Take the time to select the proper place for the cafeteria of yours. Examine whether the place is near residential and commercial locations. Does it draw in crowds, does it fit the budget of yours and does it offer the business of yours the possibility for development? These elements are vital which often have to be taken under really serious consideration when choosing your online business space.

The very best choice for your cafe location will be going for business established in Dubai mainland.

Step five: Select a neighborhood sponsor Creating the cafeteria of yours in Dubai mainland or maybe onshore takes a local sponsor (UAE National) that functions as sleeping partner for the company of yours. Sign an agreement together with your neighborhood partner at notary public court.

Based on UAE Companies law as well as Civil law, an LLC business owner is necessary to nominate the area sponsor with fifty one % bare minimum of equity sharing.

sanitary areas like restrooms
windows and ventilation system
place of the equipment utilized to process the food

place of the clothes machines
For food license endorsement via the Food & Safety Department:

the structure of the premises
endorsement from the Planning Department, in case the restaurant is designed to be placed outside a shopping center

attested business title endorsement letter from the DED

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