Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to the development and also upkeep of the majority of the cells of the body of yours, such as collagen, that is required for nourishing connective tissue and also wound healing.1?

Vitamin C also helps the bones of yours and teeth remain strong. It enhances the absorption of nonheme metal, the kind of metal contained in foods that are plant-based also it is also important to make specific neurotransmitters as well as for protein metabolism. The immune system of yours depends on vitamin C, also.

it is a water soluble vitamin:

your body does not store vitamin C so that you have to change your vitamin C shops daily. The National Institutes of Health suggests that females get seventy five mg of vitamin C one day and males receive ninety milligrams daily.2?

In case you consume a diet full of vegetables and fruits you are most likely getting enough. But in case you are not certain, it may assist with include these fifteen meals which are loaded with vitamin C to the daily menu of yours.

One 8 ounce cup of orange juice has 120 mg of vitamin C, therefore it just requires a person serving getting a day’s really worth of vitamin C.3?

Oranges along with orange juice are great energy sources of potassium, folate, lutein and also vitamin A. Whole oranges are also an excellent supply of fiber, but many of the roughage is sacrificed if you consume the juice.

Grapefruits are regarding oranges:

? so it is not surprising they are in addition loaded with vitamin C. One-half of a grapefruit has forty five mg of vitamin C, potassium, plus fiber, and lots of vitamin A. Grapefruit provides only forty one calories, which makes it a wonderful option for individuals who wish to eat better and lose weight.5?

Grapefruits are pretty sour, though ruby red grapefruits are usually sweeter. You may like to put in a light sprinkle of sugars or maybe another sweetener before eating them. You are able to also slice up grapefruits and also include them to salads.

Purple Peppers:

One medium sized green bell pepper has ninety five mg of vitamin C, that is sufficient for a day that is full. Green bell peppers likewise provide eight % of the day worth of supplements A and K plus fifteen % of vitamin B6. One full green bell pepper has only twenty four calories.6?

Green bell peppers might be sliced and chopped and also put into a salad or even utilized as an element in an assortment of meals. Choose peppers that are vibrant a green life with unblemished skin.7?

Red Sweet Peppers:

Red sweet peppers are loaded with vitamin C, just love green bell peppers, though they’ve a milder taste. A glass of sliced, raw, white sweet pepper provides aproximatelly 117 mg of vitamin C and also has just twenty eight calories. It is likewise packed with fiber, vitamin A, as well as many B complex vitamins.8?

Add chopped sweet-tasting purple pepper to salads or even use them to season vegetable side dishes. Red peppers keep rather a great deal of vitamin C after food preparation, therefore they make a fantastic accessory to stews and sauces as well.


Strawberries are loaded, juicy, and sweet with vitamin C. A glass of strawberry slices had ninety eight milligrams. Strawberries are furthermore an extremely excellent supply of folate and fiber and a useful source of magnesium.9 and potassium?

A couple of strawberries can make a great treat. You are able to also include strawberry slices to oats, cold cereal, or maybe yogurt for a great breakfast.


A glass of raw cut broccoli has eighty one mg vitamin C? That is less than almost as orange juice, but a huge serving of raw broccoli offers the majority of the vitamin C you will need for 1 day. Determined by the baking technique, the quantity of vitamin C is decreased will vary.10?

A glass of chopped cooked broccoli has aproximatelly fifty mg of vitamin C, an amount of money that is still remarkable. In order to boost the quantity of free vitamin C you are able to lower baking time. For instance, simply gently steam the veggie.

A glass of broccoli (either raw or perhaps cooked) has aproximatelly thirty calories.11? Broccoli is likewise a great supply of K, vitamins A, fiber, potassium, and calcium, and a lot of antioxidants.


Luscious eco-friendly kiwi – or maybe kiwifruit – is a superb supply of vitamin C.9? A single little berry has over sixty milligrams. Kiwifruit is full of fiber and potassium but lower in calories. A fruit has aproximatelly forty calories.12? Kiwi is delicious all on its mixed or own with other pure fruit & nuts for a great fruit salad.

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are loaded with vitamin C.9? Even after being prepared, one cup yields over the daily requirement of yours of C. They are in addition high in many vitamins and also antioxidants.13,, fiber and minerals?
Brussels sprouts tend to be prepared and also serviced as an edge recipe, though you are able to also slice or maybe shred raw Brussels sprouts and utilize them in salad and slaw recipes.

Prepared Cabbage:

Raw cabbage is able to add some vitamin C to the daily intake of yours, but prepared cabbage has much a lot more. Although cooking reduces the quantity of vitamin C at any food,10? additionally, it reduces the volume, therefore you will get far more vitamin C per glass of prepared cabbage.

Cooking cabbage leads to it to get smaller. Thus the quantity of vitamin C wearing the same parts of raw verse cooked cabbage is bigger in cooked form. It will have aproximatelly two glasses of raw cabbage to deliver one glass of cooked cabbage.

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