A Food Lover’s Guide To The 10 Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Cosmopolitan and modern, Abu Dhabi is certain to provide memorable encounters with international and local cuisine in breath taking settings. From desert venues serving food that is regular to award winning restaurants specializing in Chinese, French, Moroccan or lebanese dishes, Abu Dhabi’s Michelin starred chefs transform the city into a best culinary destination in these 10 restaurants that are great.
As it title suggests, Marakesh is actually a Moroccan restaurant located in the middle of Abu Dhabi and only one of the few of the type of its in the city. With opulent interiors, music that is live and dance performances each night, Marakesh sets up an exact cultural room for guests to check out the spicy gastronomy of Morocco. The menu consists of a several option of dishes that are standard, from couscous to salads, tagines, fish, sea food and meat grills, as well as offers visitors a great launch into the culinary traditions of Morocco.
Li Beirut
Li Beirut is a necessary stop for all people that appreciate Lebanese food. Highly rated as well as considered only one of the best restaurants of Abu Dhabi, Li Beirut is actually an award winning restaurant. Delighting its visitors with a stunning view of the neighboring sea, Li Beirut serves contemporary and traditional Lebanese dishes cooked up with a fusion of European influences. The menu itself is actually a culinary masterpiece, featuring signature courses such as the zaatar crusted rack of lamb accompanied by sweet potato and truffle, the foie gras kebbeh and also the decadent honey fudge dessert.
Bord Eau
Restaurant, European, French, Vegetarian
Bord Eau is actually the spot to go for French gastronomy enthusiasts. A major establishment serving contemporary French cuisine, Bord Eau combines good food and artistic perspective, offering signature dishes like Dover sole a la Grenobloise, Loch Fyne wild salmon and scallop or maybe the tempting chocolate extravaganza. Only new ingredients, imported directly from France, are actually being used to produce these delicious works of art. Recognized by prestigious and numerous awards, Bord Eau is actually an unmissable culinary attraction in the center of thriving Abu Dhabi.
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Al Maqam
Put in the Abu Dhabi desert, Al Maqam completes and refines the romantic Arabian experience. Part of a luxury complex – Arabian Nights Villages – Al Maqam provides a high class voyage into the world of the combat and legends. Its Arabian style, floor level seating, hand made decorations, palm thatched terrace and live artistic shows produce a cultural oasis in the midst of the desert where travelers are able to appreciate exquisite dishes. From the conventional regional Arabic and Emirati recipes to classics of international cuisine, Al Maqam provides a complete culinary tour, such as cooking lessons and bread making sessions.

Arabian Nights Village, Razeen Area of Al Khatim, Abu Dhabi Al Ain Road, Al Khatim, United Arab Emirates, +971 26769990

Marco Pierre White Grill and Steakhouse
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Marco Pierre White Grill and Steakhouse, Abu Dhabi
Marco Pierre White Grill and Steakhouse, Abu Dhabi|Courtesy of Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill Run by British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, only one of probably the youngest of his time to be given with three Michelin stars, this particular restaurant is actually the ideal spot for carnivores craving the most succulent of steaks. The Grill and Steakhouse stands out as only one of the upmarket culinary spots in Abu Dhabi. Although it primarily focuses on a bunch of steak specialties, the menu is actually substantial and also provides gastronomic treats such as Kelly oysters, Scottish salmon and also the mouth watering Alaskan and Devon crab soup.
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Restaurant, Malaysian, Japanese, Asian, Chinese
With a good panoramic view of The Arabian and abu Dhabi Gulf sold by its privileged location on the 63rd floors of the Etihad Towers, Quest is actually among the most recommended restaurants of the city. With inspiration drawn from the community of Asian cuisine, Quest provides guests with an innovative interpretation of contemporary fine dining,’ recreating and blending flavors from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China’. Quest offers up unique specialties which flirt with classic Asian dishes while reinterpreting them with ingredients of the best quality.
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Hakkasan provides a high class experience of Chinese cuisine in an eclectic venue. Enjoying an enormous dining hall area, the Abu Dhabi edition of the popular Hakkasan is actually a singular mix of the contemporary spirit of the United Arab Emirates and assertive Chinese influence. Visionary and talented, Hakkasan’s chef Lee Kok Hua amazes the guests of his with signature dishes like the tantalizing Peking duck with caviar, the succulent grilled Wagyu beef with a range and king soy of various other recipes – all imaginatively demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the art of culinary creativity.

Emirates Palace, West Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, +971 two 690 7999

Villa Toscana
Villa Toscana is actually Abu Dhabi’s ideal place to savor a memorable rendezvous with the richly flavored landscape of Italian cuisine. Enjoying an excellent location in only one of the city’s luxury hotels, Villa Toscana recreates the classy and sophisticated atmosphere of a Tuscany villa with big chandeliers and extremely high ceilings. Offering cooking classes to amateurs and its traditional Friday lunches at communal tables, Villa Toscana is actually a reference point for all of the craving an authentic taste of the Italian areas of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Umbria. A prime Abu Dhabi restaurant, Villa Toscana offers up a range of Italian delicacies from crunchy, quick pizzas to highly refined meals that use 2 days to prepare, such as the extremely alluring tagliatelle with lamb ragout and chocolate powder.

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,+971 26944553

© Villa Toscana © Villa Toscana

Catalan instantly became one of the better restaurants in A treat and abu Dhabi for all people with a desire for Catalonia’s world renowned gastronomy. This high end restaurant takes the friends of its back in time to the old style decor and appeal of a magnificent European salon in early 20th century Barcelona. With a Michelin starred chef heading the kitchen, Catalan is actually a combination of contemporary and traditional, developing a distinctive dining experience. Guests are able to pick from an impeccable menu, starring roasted steak of foie gras, paellas or maybe extra virgin coconut oil ice cream, or perhaps the chef’s particular seven course tasting menu.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Sowwah Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, +971 28135550

Jazz Bar & Dining
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Jazz Bar & Dining, Abu Dhabi
Jazz Bar & Dining, Abu Dhabi|© Jazz Bar & Dining
A true UAE heaven for music lovers, Jazz Bar & Dining is actually a good option for anyone wanting to enjoy dinner in an unique ambiance. With a local band playing each night from Sunday to Friday, this particular Abu Dhabi restaurant is actually popular with tourists as well as the expat community alike. The menu provides premium choices from international cuisines, with good selections of sea bass, scallops, fresh salmon and tiger prawns, different kinds of French cheese and amazing desserts like the lychee light jelly with lime cream and meringue, served with rice paper, a small fruit strudel and raspberry sorbet.

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