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About us

Cicchetti style dishes are served as “sharing” in skillets and small plates. These dishes are sent straight from the kitchen as soon as they are prepared. The culinary styling takes its inspiration from the deliciously light and fresh cuisine that heralds from the south of France, with subtle influences from around the Mediterranean sea. Each dish focuses on enhancing the main ingredient’s full flavor.

The lounge includes a bookshelf so costumers can relax while reading a magazine or newspaper during lunch. Guests are able to enjoy the full menu on offer at the bar, lounge or dining tables. The completely transparent show kitchen is located on the furthest side from the entrance, and is a visual display of fresh, seasonal produce and food theatre as you watch the preparation of meals within each section of the kitchen.

Special menu

Our menu

Our menu is intended for sharing, the food will come to your table when prepared. The Menu is created around ingredients of exceptional quality and served simply to ensure the true flavour of the dish is always respected.

Our wine

The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.
~Benjamin Franklin


Our cocktails aim to show that the old and new can combine. With the old we pay homage to the great bartenders of yesteryear such as “Professor” Jerry Thomas and Harry Craddock, mixing their recipes which have proven themselves through the test of time. On the flip side we have created a list of modern, entirely original drinks designed with love at Frioul


The bar experience begins in the early afternoon throughout the day and cruises to a late finish. The focus is on classic cocktails, beautifully presented and garnished to perfection. 

As the music and ambiance swells, the late crowd makes their way in. Result is an award winning offering, somewhat unusual in style delivering a multi sensory assault on the senses with a touch of modern day.


The purpose of the French restaurant is to tell each guest a story the moment they enter the premises. The design and décor is a clean, relaxed elegance, depicting a unique 1920’s style of sophistication. Imagine French-inspired wide plank oak flooring beneath furniture with a crisp, white façade, giving it a contemporary look, all the while staying true to it’s heritage. The overall image provides credibility through it’s a authenticity.

The interior is sectioned into several areas including a lounge, cocktail bar and dining area.

The exterior is designed to bring the natural light inside to give a welcoming feeling of warmth. The building is lined with limed oak bi-fold shutters and awnings to resemble a Mediterranean atmosphere, alongside the beautiful canal of Madinat Jumeirah.

This truly unique part of the world makes the perfect backdrop for lingering over leisurely dinners in extraordinary terrace sitting.

Art, Music culture & Lifestyle

Frioul is a platform to showcase and support the local and international artistic community. Food, service, ambiance, art and music are all intrinsically linked, each of those elements will take center stage at Frioul.

The venue is designed to feel welcoming and open and will encourage creative freedom and expression while building a sense of comradery amongst artist of carrying genres who can use Frioul as a vehicle to discuss ideas, tell stories, and have them discover and build on their potential.

Marseille & Frioul Islands

Located in the South of France, Marseille is a melting pot of surrounding cultures and therefore has a colorful and passionate history. Like most port towns, it is a very busy and social city – late night drinking and dining is all apart of the culture.

Positionned just off the coast of Marseille, Frioul is an archipelago of four beautiful islands of white rock cast into the magnificent Mediterranean blue. It is said by the locals that when on the islands, only then are you truly free. Visiting Frioul will take you on a journey to find the countless little inlets, creeks, hidden secrets and history of the island, and during that journey nothing else in like will have any real relevance.

The islands of Frioul made famous by Chateau d’If from the “Count of Monte Cristo” serve as the perfect place to escape the busy city lifestyle of Marseille. The vision behing Frioul is to take each customer on a similar journey – a journey to experience the delicious food, wine and cocktails on offer and discover the music, arts and culture of the restaurant and lounge.

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